From Madness to Mindfulness:
Reinventing Sex for Women, by Dr Jennifer Gunsaullus
Frequently asked questions
Does silicone remain in the body?
Silicone cannot be absorbed and is naturally evacuated from the body.
Which PINK® products are safe to use with my sex toys?
As a general rule, silicone lubricants should not be used with porous products made of silicone, cyber-skin, jelly toys or similar materials. Silicone-based lubricants are not usually recommended for use with sex toys or other products that are porous as the formula may dissolve the surface making it sticky to the touch, and cause disintegration of the item over time. This damage may create a breeding ground for bacteria. We offer several product options if you have a porous toy, including: PINK® Water, PINK® Frolic and Hot PINK®. If you have non-porous toys, all PINK® products may be used.
How easily are PINK® products washed from sheets and fabrics?
Under normal use, all PINK® products are easily washed from sheets and other fabrics. PINK® Silicone can be promptly removed from fabrics with a heavier detergent or treatment made for spot removal.
What does topical and external use mean in terms of product directions?
External refers to an organ that is situated at or near the outer surface of the body. The mouth, vagina or anus are medically classified as external body organs. The key word is open. Subsequently the products by PINK® are meant to be used externally or topically (on top of).
Why use preservatives?
Some of our products do contain water. The addition of water provides for a lighter texture and easier rinsability. Water is a natural source in which bacteria can grow if not controlled. We utilize a safe and effective preservative system to ensure that our products remain safe and stable for use.
Do glycerin and other extracts or additives in lubricants cause yeast infections?
No, these ingredients are not directly related to yeast infections. Yeast infections are more commonly related to poor hygiene, weakened immune functions, following steroid or antibiotic use, as well as hormonal changes (menopause, menstruation, or pregnancy). Glycerin can render an existing yeast infection worse, as it is processed by the body as sugar. The ingredients of PINK® products are glycerin- free and formulated to be gentle and safe.
PINK® product overview
The personal lubricants by PINK® are formulated to accentuate the femininity of the self-assured woman. As such, they are sexy, playful, sensual and unique.
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